Welcome to Room 5

Welcome to Room 5

 Teacher: Mrs Katie Solomon

This page will show some of our learning this year.


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Mangatangi School Pool was officially opened today.  Thank you to everyone who helped get us this amazing pool.

It was great to see so many people there today.







Tabloid Sports was lots of fun.  We really enjoyed the Tug of War and getting our faces painted. We were exhausted by the end of the day.


Term 1 has been flying by and we've been busy making new friends, swimming, having triathlon as well as working hard at our learning. Here are some snapshots of what we've been doing so far.


IMG 0048 Small  IMG 0057 Small  IMG 0017 Small  IMG 0021 Small


 IMG 0073 Small  IMG 0090 Small  




2017 is here!!!!


Welcome back to our returning students and a warm welcome to our new students and families.  I look forward to hearing about your holidays and to an exciting year ahead.


This year we are going to be focussing on our learning mindset and how we can be bucket



Image result for growth mindset vs fixed mindset poster


Image result for bucket dipper














Welcome toTerm 3, 2016



Wearable Arts are keeping us busy this term.  We can't wait to show off our creations at our catwalk debut in Week 1 next term.


We are also busy with Calf & Lamb Day Indoor Exhibits.  We've been growing herbs, making hanging herb baskets, baking gingerbread people and creating some amazing art work. 




The Olympics are here!!!  For the first 5 weeks, we are learning about the Olympics and training for our School Cross Country

800px-Olympic Rings.svg Small


Term 2 Learning


This term our big question was 


How do farms benefit our community?



 We fed cows, made milkshakes and visited a farm to answer some of our questions.

To present our information Room 5 decided to create a large farm which is sitting in our library now for people to look at.



  IMG 0038 Small

Paddocks and fences by Finlay and Murray


 IMG 0043 Small    IMG 0039 Small  IMG 0040 Small   IMG 0041 Small

               Tractor by Kodie and Moizana            Sheep by Tyler                              Calf by Tristan                               Truck by Mio and Faith

IMG 0047 Small    IMG 0044 Small    IMG 0045 Small   IMG 0042 Small

                Chickens by Jonty and Vince                 Dog by Liam                                        Cow by Leo                                   Barn by Chase and Noah



Te Reo with Whaea Marianna


This term we have been learning to say our Mihi, Numbers, colours and greetings.

We also started to learn to weave by making these colourful Whariki

IMG 0050 Small IMG 0049 Small

Fractions in Room 5.

We have started learning about fractions and to help us remember them, we made jam sandwiches and cut them into fractions.

Below are some of our yummy creations.

IMG 0005 Small 3/4 IMG 0002 Small 4/4 or 1 whole



IMG 0003 Small 1/2 IMG 0004 Small 1/4 IMG 0001 Small 4/4



Class Mascot

Room 5 is lucky to have a class mascot joining us this year.  


His name is Sam and every weekend he visits one our classmates for some adventures.

IMG 0378 Small

Sam is looking forward to more adventures in term 2.





IMG 0052 SmallIMG 0053 Small



Term 1 saw us focussing on setting up our classroom and our inquiry learning.

Our topic was:

IMG 0353 Small


We created books about ourselves to share with out classmates and our families.

We discovered where we were born, what our likes were, how to create a family tree and who some of our friends were.





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